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State Research and Production Enterprise "Kartographia" invites respected teachers to cooperate! We provide you with useful information on new editions of school, and to develop plans for courses of geography and history. You get the opportunity to co-sponsor in the creation of educational materials. We offer to purchase products from our publishers with discounts up to 20%

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Kyiv. Tourist’s Atlas
Product code: 1423ISBN 978-966-475-786-4

96 pages.
Square: 1:20 000
Size: 16х23 cm
Lang: ukr.

38.00 uah More
Odesa. Tourist’s Atlas (Rus.)
Product code: 1518ISBN 978-617-670-114-9

96 pages.
Square: 1:12 000
Size: 15,9х23 cm
Lang: rus.

28.00 uah More
Uzhhorod. Tourist’s Atlas
Product code: 1521ISBN 978-617-670-160-6

64 pages.
Square: 1:10 000
Size: 16х23 cm
Lang: ukr.

25.00 uah More
Lviv. Complex atlas
Product code: 1491ISBN 978-966-475-893-9

192 pages.
Size: 23,5х32 cm
Lang: ukr.

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Chernigiv. Tourist’s Atlas
Product code: 1530ISBN 978-617-670-161-3

25.00 uah More
Product code: 2010ISBN 978-617-670-512-3

96 pages.
Square: 1:19 000
Size: 11х19 cm
Lang: ukr.

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Kyiv No16 (spiral binding)
Product code: ISBN

Square: 1:12 000
Size: 21х29 cm
Lang: ukr.

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