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Digital map of the territory of Ukraine with scale of 1:50 000

The map covers all the territory of Ukraine. The contents elements consist of separate vectorial layers, each of them contains objects of different expansion character (linear, polygonal, point ones), has an appropriate data base structure, filled with attributive information (data codes and descriptions, object types and classifications, proper names in Ukrainian, Russian languages and Roman alphabet).

They also include:

  • hydrography (seas, rivers, reservoirs, lakes, channels and ditches, ponds and streams etc.);
  • population centres with divisions by settlement types and habitancy, with indication of KOATUU codes and administrative subordination;
  • urban housing system (uptowns in population centres), separate buildings and homesteads;
  • railways and railway stations;
  • motor roads  (from improved highways to forest roads and footpaths, with indication of corresponding types, numbers and indices);
  • soil and vegetative covering (swamps, forests, orchards, shrubberies, vineyards etc.);
  • relief (local horizontals and ordnance-datums), separate land forms (pits, precipices, burial mounds, rain canals, rocks, ravines etc.);
  • engineering structures (power lines, bridges, dams, industrial objects, power stations etc.);
  • social and cultural objects (cemeteries, sports installations, churches, monuments and memorials etc.);
  • state and administrative borders of all levels (regional and of AR of Crimea, district, of municipal and village councils);
  • names of population centres;
  • general geographic names.

Download the demo version

Map of Ukraine, scale 1:50 000, at the ArcGis server (open -> open in map viewer at ArcGis.com)

Download technical description of database for the map  1:50 000