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State Research and Production Enterprise "Kartographia" invites respected teachers to cooperate! We provide you with useful information on new editions of school, and to develop plans for courses of geography and history. You get the opportunity to co-sponsor in the creation of educational materials. We offer to purchase products from our publishers with discounts up to 20%

Digital maps SSPE "Kartographia" for iOS

iPad application All Maps is your personal bookcase with all kinds of maps and atlases. You can choose what you are going to fill the case with.

After installing the free application All Maps, you can upload to it any maps and atlases you like, gaining access to the same high-quality maps and atlases as the good old published ones you are used to, but in a convenient electronic form, which  is much easier to use. The application can work both offline and online, if you need to download some additional information.

You can download different types of maps and atlases.

  • Auto maps and atlases, which will be useful for car owners while driving.
  • City atlases, that were created to make the search of any address, street or object of interest fast and easy.
  • Travel maps, that will be useful on vacations or business trips.
  • Thematic maps and atlases, which provide information on a variety of subjects (fishing, sport, hobbies, etc.)
  • Atlases for children, which will entertain your children and will help them to improve their knowledge of geography.

Key features and functions:

  • Familiar published maps and atlases from around the world in a convenient electronic form.
  • Convenient use of all maps' versions while offline.
  • Easy maps and atlases navigation, both with the usual key map and with the "flipping" of pages.
  • Easy search of  place names, streets, and other objects on the map.
  • Ability to turn POIs off and on, and an ability to see categories of objects.
  • Detailed information on POIs with links directing you to sites containing additional information on the object, and an ability to make phone calls (Skype should be installed).
  • Creation of notes.
  • Find Me function, enabling you to locate you on the map.
  • Additional thematic information (depending on the map/atlas).
  • Ability to resume downloading of a map or an atlas in case of disconnecting while downloading.
  • Banner with the latest news.

What's new in this version.

  • The app is now available for iPhone users.
  • Shop search is improved.
  • Streets and cities search is improved.
  • POIs' interface is improved.
  • Atlases' navigation became easier (you can use menu Contents now).
  • The process of saving data is optimized (with direct data processing files do not need a lot of RAM).
  • The bugs are fixed.
  • To save disk space you can archive and recover atlases.
  • You can create, edit and place your own objects on the map.
  • You can group your objects into categories of your choice.

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